Sirly Ylläsjärvi

Sirly Ylläsjärvi

Keittiömestari. Tv-kokki. Konsultti. Puhuja.

Head chef.





I'm Sirly Ylläsjärvi, an artist and a visioner. My main expertise include recipe creating, product development, food styling, marketing and consulting. My career has always been important to me, while accomplishments and overcoming myself have worked as the driving force behind my work. All the while home, family, friends and nature help to keep my feet on the ground. In my free time I fly fish, hike, snowboard and hunt.


  • Hangon Makaronitehdas shareholder.
  • Classic Pizza management.
  • Aurora Estate established in 2015.
  • Kasvu Open business competition 2016 Lappi 2nd place and finland's top 80.
  • Europe's best new Boutique hotel 2018.
  • Book coming out august 2021.
  • World's first Chef’s Table made completely of snow and ice.
  • Sirly oy 2019
  • Podcast ”Elämäni Lappi” 2022

  • Restaurant Elsa 2023
  • Cafe Ulda 2023


  • MasterChef 2011 
  • C more sport tv chef 30 episodes.
  • MasterChef professionals 2020 
  • Kokkisota 2021 as a chef
  • The apprentice 2022 
Sirly Ylläsjärvi
Sirly Ylläsjärvi


I was keen photographer in my youth, and after many years I rediscovered the joy of photographing again through a friend. I produce advertisement and product photos for my customers as well as social media updates. I also shoot photos for my own social media and projects.